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Welcome to My Movie Katta.

I am Sopan Mistry.

Great to see you here!

I love movies. As I grow old, the passion of watching movies has increased. In my childhood I have watched movies along the roadside on the projector and small screens during Ganapati festival, in Touring Cinemas where the theatre used to be seasonal and open to the sky, on a single screen first-day first show, and multi-screens and now on Television.

I am neither expert in Hollywood movies nor Bollywood movies. I believe that movies are made for common people so will talk here about the likes and dislikes of common people.

The content here will be what I think about the movies I watch or have watched in the past. Hope you like what I have to say. Feel free to give your views in the comments section.

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  1. Hi Sopan
    I was lured here from the link you posted via my film site,

    I fully agree with the films you have highlighted that said they are international classic's timeless in their ability to engage and thrill the viewer but also the quality of acting.

    For me I liked a very varied spectrum of entertainment whether it's realism or fantasy so long as the acting is solid and delivered with a strong script anything more is a bonus,
    So often modern movies fail so badly due to poor standards of acting whom are unable to engage the audience or able to deliver a decent story line.
    Take care and be well - best regards.