Beautiful Thriller Short Film

 Alert Baa

Things are not always, what they seem!

  Youngsters passionate about film making, working in various different fields have come together to form “The Empty Space” and just on ‘crowdfunding’, they have made this short film - "Alert Baa", Nitin Wagh, Naresh Patil and Chetan Patil are in the lead role. Above all, it is directed by Laxmikant Sutar.

There are some ethics and standards every Journalist has to follow. First and foremost is honesty. Journalists must be truthful. It is not acceptable to report information, which is false. On the other hand, they should also not report facts that are misleading and which give the wrong impression in society. A reporter should not guess the facts about a situation, without having enough information he should not jump to conclusions. A reporter on assignment must go about gathering detailed facts.

“Alert Baa” is a short film that showcases the disastrous consequences when a reporter does not follow the ethics of journalism.

A reporter (Ganesh Wankhede) wanders around all day in search of news. As night falls, he has gathered no news, and on top of that, his editor is pressing him hard to get some news. Incidentally, at night, two mason workers, Mangru and Dabua are returning home double seat on a bicycle. Dabua asks Mangru to stop as he has to answer nature's call. He goes to a nearby wall and pees; he is unaware that there is Thullu political party’s poster on the wall. By mere accident this reporter sees this, without a second thought; it is big news for him.

The next day news spreads like wildfire. Thullu Party workers provoke the Thullu society that this reprehensible act is done by the opposition party. Riots break out everywhere. Thullu Party workers start arson, killing the innocent. A warlike situation is arising, going beyond the control of the State Government.

Dabua and Mangru poor mason workers are living in a small room. They were unaware of the riots happening outside. The person who caused all this to happen
is innocent altogether. When they hear the stone pelting and people shouting, they get scared. Dabua and Mangru try to see what was going on outside through a small window in their room, but they are not able to go outside and are left with no food in the room. 

Party workers Knock on their door, and Dabua and Mangru are frightened. They open the door, the leader of the gang who calls himself Khalnayak (Chetan Patil) enquires about their cast, and begins to beat them. In their pathetic condition, Khalnayak orders them to dance. This is an excellent scene in the film. The acting of the Chetan Patil is superb.

Another noteworthy scene in the film is when a woman carrying a child knocks on the door for help. She begs to get in and have shelter for a night. Dabua feels sympathy towards her but Mangru does not listen and asks her to get out of the room. Later Mangru discovers that the woman and child become victims of the riot. Mangru feels guilty that they died because he has not given shelter to the woman and child. 

 The performance of Nitin Wagh and Naresh Patil is the strength of this short film, the chemistry between them is amazing. Each of the characters suites as per the story. 

This short film has the finest editing. The music and background score is by Vishal Wakchaure and Cinematography is by Avinash Jadhav, has added thrill to the film.

Hats off to Director Laxmikant Sutar for making such a beautiful and realistic movie.

This movie is available on YouTube.

Click on the link below to watch the full movie on YouTube. 

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    Beautiful Concept Grate Job Guy's.... Keep going... LOL