Tenet a 2020 science fiction action-thriller film


"Do not try to understand it, 

Feel it........"

Spoiler Alert:

Tenet is a new film written and directed by Christopher Nolan.

Christopher Nolan's cinema is a different world of cinema. If you have seen movies like Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar', 'Inception', 'Memento', or the Dark Knight then you will understand that you always have to keep your mind alert and focused to get entertained to the core. It is an experience that can only be felt, told, or written, just as the characters in the film 'Tenet' say, "Don't try to understand it, Feel it!!" It is true as Tenet is a very complex movie, you have to see the movie multiple times, as at first glance this film is beyond comprehension.

At the beginning of the film, with the Opera House sequence in Ukraine, following a CIA agent whose mission is to extract an asset. The terrorist has attacked the Opera house taking everyone hostage and planting bombs. The protagonist is trying to disarm the bomb, during which the protagonist's life is saved by someone who inverts the bullet through a bad guy and back into a gun. This mystery person has a backpack with a red tag on it.

Then the Protagonist gets captured and is interrogated by the terrorist. To protect the secrets he manages to take a suicide pill. He chooses to die instead of giving up his colleagues and wakes up on the boat. His superior says his duties transcend in the national interests, as there is a cold war. The protagonist is recruited by an organization called Tenet, armed with only the word Tenet, fighting for the survival of the entire world.

He meets a scientist and asks to give some idea of the threat they face, she tells him, we are trying to prevent world war III and explains to him bullet traveling forwards through time, the other one's going backward, it's inverted. Its entropy runs backward. Therefore, to our eyes, its movement is reversed. We think it is a type of inverse radiation triggered by nuclear fission.

An inverted weapon manufactured in the future might be able to affect our past as well.

He comes to India where he meets Neil. They have to meet Sanjay Singh an arms dealer. The protagonist wanted to know who supplied unusual types of ammunition in Ukraine. Sanjay Singh's wife Priya, a member of Tenet, tells that the dealer he is looking for is Andrei Sator. The Russian Oligarch. He asks Priya how or why she sold him inverted munitions but she told him that they were perfectly ordinary but later he gets it inverted. Priya believes he is functioning as some sort of a broker between our time and future. He can communicate with the future. Priya explains how we communicate in the future with e-mails, credit cards, texts. Anything that goes into the record speaks directly to the future. The question is can the future speak back?

The movie is so fast-paced, in one scene you are in India, and in the next, you are in Russia, therefore there is no boring moment. The chemistry between John David Washington is a former professional football player turned actor, he manages to live up to the character's playfulness, agility, and seriousness expected of him. He has got the best support of actor Robert Pattinson, who changes the graph of the film, both of their performances are good and portrayal of the evil guy by Kenneth Branagh, his performance has given the film a new dimension to understanding the pace of time.

Elizabeth Debicki's performance is the best in the movie because she had the chance to show her acting abilities and she did great. Dimple Kapadia is best in her role as Priya.

But I was shocked by the poor audio quality of the movie. The main problem in the movie is the sound mixing. The plot is already complex however often the dialogs were barely understandable due to the high music score. It makes it difficult to understand what is going on in the movie. Background music is so loud and most of the actors mumble their lines. There is no excuse for such a poor sound in a movie, that of Christopher Nolan.

The film 'Tenet' is a lesson for the students of cinema and an experience for the general audience which if they do not understand now, their children will enjoy it. 

'Tenet' is the best cinema of the year 2020.

This movie has won seven awards and 28 nominations.

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