5 Best Suspense and Thriller Movies


1. Psycho

   Alfred Hitchcock’s greatest films of all time

This movie was released on 16 June 1960, directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Psycho is a highly appreciated horror movie of all time. It is because of the script of the movie, the performances, the cinematography, and above all the music; everything has contributed well to make it such a masterpiece.

Let us touch on the story a little, Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) is working in a Phoenix (Arizona) office. Marion’s employer trusts her and hands over cash of $40,000 to deposit in the bank. However, she can not resist the temptation and grabs this opportunity to begin a new life with her friend Sam (John Gavin). Marion leaves Phoenix with this money and heads in her car toward California to meet her friend. On the way, her employer is surprised to see her, as she had left the office saying that she was ill.

She is not an experienced thief so she is terrified and in the dilemma, decides to return to Phoenix, but it is too late. Moreover, a storm and heavy rain had started. Besides a police officer is chasing her; she enters a car shop to buy a new car, her haste and cash makes the salesperson suspicious about her.

The rain is making her journey dangerous. So she leaves the highway and comes to a lonely motel. She decides to rest at the motel for the night and start her journey early morning. Unfortunately, the journey of her life ends here. When she is taking shower a stranger whose face is never revealed, brutally stabs her to death.

This 45-seconds shower scene has become very famous, memorable, and hair-raising because of the heart-stopping direction and cinematography.

When Marion is not traceable a detective Arbogast (Martin Balsam), her sister (Vera Miles), and Sam (John Gavin) reach the epicenter of the crime, searching for Marion, they even take the help of the sheriff (John McIntire) but instead of Marion, they find themselves in another predicament.

Director Alfred Hitchcock has nicely built up the suspense and the end of the movie is an excellent climax.

 “Psycho” became Hitchcock’s most successful film at the time.

Star: Anthony Perkins, Vera Miles, John Gavin, and Janet Leigh

“Psycho” was nominated for 4 Oscars, Another 5 wins and 10 nominations.

2. Basic Instinct

      Who was the killer in "Basic Instincts"? Was it Sharon Stone?

 This movie was released on 20 March 1992.

The ’90s was a decade of the golden era of Hollywood movies. Many beautiful movies were made during this period. I like yet another great suspense movie “Basic instinct” from this era.

This movie has everything that a suspense movie needs. Mystery, murder, and above all sex. The movie starts with a former rock star, Johnny Boz (Bill Cable) who is stabbed with an ice pick to a gory death during the sex by a beautiful naked girl.

Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone) is very beautiful with blonde hair, she is a popular writer. She has written a novel describing the plot of a similar murder. Obliviously she is the prime suspect of murder.

Michael Douglas plays a San Francisco cop Nick Curran investigating the ice-pick murder. However, when the case is withdrawn from him, he gets engaged in a horrible relationship with Catherine and starts living with her. Even though he believes, that Catherine is the killer.

Catherine’s new book is ready. What is her new book all about?

However, throughout the movie, we keep guessing and wondering who is the murderer.

I leave it up to you to draw your conclusions.

Sheron Stone has given her best performance and she has done full justice to the role of Catherine Tramell.

Michael Douglas (Detective Nick Curran) gives an incredible performance.

Director: Paul Verhoeven

Star: Sharon Stone, Michael Douglas, and Jeanne Tripplehorn

This movie was nominated for 2 Oscars and Another 5 Wins and 21 nominations.

3. Seven (Se7en)

     What is in the box in the movie Se7en?

This movie was released on 15 September 1995

In this movie, “seven” represents deadly sins that one should never commit in his life,

1. Gluttony  
2. Sloth
3. Greed
4. Pride         
5. Lust   
6. Envy and

Detective Somerset (Morgan Freeman)who is on verge of his retirement is chasing a serial killer John Doe (Kevin Spacey) who was doing the seven deadly sins. Detective Mills (Brad Pitt) who is new to the city joins Somerset to investigate the series of murders.

Experienced detective Somerset spends hours in the library to research each sin to get the mindset of a murderer. Case suddenly takes a different turn when the killer himself surrenders to the police.

He is ready to take them to the location where the last two bodies are buried; on condition that only two Detectives Somerset and Mills will accompany him. On the way, Mills questions him about the reasons for the killings and John Doe reveals his mindset of the killing. It is the most intense and captivating of the scenes.

The last sin is wrath. It was about what you would feel if someone killed the person you loved the most, definitely, you would be extremely sad and angry.

Was it the wrath against detective Mills?

The story is one of the most thrilling and full of suspense. None of the murders are shown in the movie; only its disgusted results are left to the mind of the viewer. 

Freeman and Pitt portray the main characters of Somerset and Mills. The chemistry between them is superb.

 Cinematography, dialogue, and acting have made it a first-class piece of cinema.

Director: David Fincher

Star: Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kevin Spacey

Overall, this is one of the best movies I have ever seen.

“Seven” was nominated for 1 Oscar, another 29 wins and 41nominations.

4. L. A. Confidential

      It's a mystery that will keep you guessing!

This movie was released on 14 May 1997.

“L.A. Confidential” is also one of the best movies of the '90s.

The main characters are three detectives named Ed Exley (Guy Pearce), Bud White (Russell Crowe), and Jack Vincennes (Kevin Spacey). Jack is a Hollywood cop. In addition, he is a technical advisor for the Dragnet-likes to show his Badge of Honor. He also gets paid by journalist Sid Hudgens(Danny DeVito) to give Sid information of celebrities.

Bud White is an officer who bends the rules to bring justice to the people. He is ruthless and unforgiving of anyone. Often resorting to violence, which brings him into direct conflict with other officers.

Ed Exley is determined to live up to his father's reputation, the famed detective Preston Exley, who was killed by an unknown assailant. He is isolated from other officers due to his intelligence, work ethic, and idealism.

The above three detectives are remarkably different from one another with different reputations and personalities. They are assigned to uncover the truth behind a mass murder incident at the Nite Owl diner. The script and screenplay in this movie were fantastic, Direction, Cinematography, and performances, everything is at its best.

This film keeps the suspense alive throughout the whole movie.

Director: Curtis Hanson

Star: Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, and Kim Basinger

“L.A. Confidential” won 2 Oscar. Another 89 wins and 85 nominations.

5. Nightcrawler

      A friend is a gift you give yourself!

This movie was released on 31 October 2014

“Nightcrawler” is just an earthworm, in particular, one that comes to the surface at night and is collected for use as fishing bait. Jake Gyllenhaal has portrayed the role of Louis Bloom a freelance crime journalist in this suspense drama “Nightcrawler”.

Louis is unemployed and he makes his living by small thefts such as stealing materials from the construction sites and selling it to the scrap yard. One night he meets a freelance photojournalist who arrive at the crime scenes or accidents before the police arrive and shoots the incidence. He is making money by selling this footage of videos to the local news agency. Seeing this, Lous feels that it is an excellent opportunity to earn money. Therefore, Louis decides to become a freelance crime journalist, a Nightcrawler.

Louis Bloom is an intelligent psychopath. He hacks the system of the Police to listen to all of their conversation and instructions from 911, besides his driving skills, he always reaches the crime scene or accident spot before anyone else.

The local news agency is interested only in the crimes committed in the area among wealthy and white people. Therefore he does night crawling in the areas where rich people reside. He drives around these neighborhoods to be ready in case a call came over the 911 Police scanner.

The ending of the movie is phenomenal. Without going much into details, I can say that it is worth watching this movie.

 An excellent directorial debut from Dan Gilroy, increasingly intense sequences and car chases are made amazing by the camera work. The acting by Jake Gyllenhaal and his co-star, Riz Ahmed is exceptional.

Director: Dan Gilroy

Writer: Dan Gilroy

Star: Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, Riz Ahmed, and Bill Paxton

This movie was nominated for 1 Oscar and Another 42 wins and 123 nominations.

















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